Nomination Information for 2019 Legends

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Hall of Fame – Gallery of Legends are now being accepted!


Please read the following instructions carefully before you complete the official nomination form.

All nominations must be received by February 28, 2019.



This is an award honoring the nominee’s service to the World Acrobatic Society.

  • Criteria is based solely on contributions to, within and for the Society as a member.
  • Nominations submitted must include a list of contributions, offices held and inception year of WAS membership.

This award celebrates an individual who has achieved extraordinarily high level of accomplishment outside of their accomplishments in a WAS recognized discipline. 

  • Criteria includes participation at any level in at least one of the WAS disciplines.
  • Nominee must have achieved very high level accomplishments and/or profound improvements in any one or a combination of the following over a lengthy number of years:

Politics, Administration, Medicine, Inventor, Manufacturer, Write, Author, Choreographer, Coaching, Teaching

  • Nomination must include criteria and a less than 2 page biography.

A Nominee for Lifetime Achievement means that they are well established  and have accomplishments in any one or a combination of the following:

  • Coaching/Teaching: Many years in their acrobatic discipline.  Developed national/international performers and /or other successful coaches.
  • Writing/Authoring: Has published work that has had a profound influence on an acrobatic discipline recognized by WAS.
  • Inventing/Manufacturing: Has been involved in the introduction of new equipment or apparatus that has resulted in a profound performance improvement to any of the WAS acrobatic disciplines.
  • Nomination must include criteria and a less than 2 page biography.

Choose ONE category: Acrobatic Gymnastics/Cheerleading, Artistic Gymnastics, Diving, Extreme Sports (specify sport), Professional Acrobatics (specify profession) and Tumbling/Trampoline.

  • This award honors an individual who displayed excellence in one particular category.
  • Criteria focuses on the nominee’s work, competition or performance in acrobatics. Acrobatics as defined by WAS is an activity featuring aerial rotation and balancing of the body.
  • Nominee must have shown profound success in at least one of the WAS disciplines.  They must have been especially skilled in the acrobatic elements of that discipline and known in their field for their success.
  • Nomination must include criteria and a less than 2 page biography.


We will need your help as a nominator (and probably from the nominee as well) in order to have the best impact on their presentation.  Our goal is to produce a "show-stopping video" to honor your nominee on the big screen!

Each video presentation will be approximately 3-4 minutes long.
To accomplish this, we will need a maximum of: 25 photos and 5-10 short video clips that we can edit and mix.

Details will follow when your nominee has been accepted.

Please complete the nomination form and IN ADDITION, submit your nominee’s CRITERIA & SHORT BIOGRAPHY to:

If you have any questions or need additional information regarding a nomination, 
please contact Stacie Hansen, WAS Hall of Fame – Gallery of Legends Chair email:

For all other questions regarding the World Acrobatics Society, please contact the WAS President, David Jacobs for help at: