Contributor Award

The following individuals have demonstrated that they are well established in their area of expertise and have had accomplishments or made improvements or have had a profound impact in any one of the following:

Sport, Politics, Administration, Medicine, Inventing, Manufacturing,

Writing, Choreography, Coaching or Teaching


Barclay, Scott - 2007 | Gymnastics

LaLanne, Jack - 2008 | Fitness

Robinson, Don - 2006 | Gymnastics/Art

Ross, Dave - 2009 | Trampoline

Vaughn, Glen - 2009 | Coaching

Wilson, Glenn - 2010 | Trampoline

Younger, Max - 2007 | Acrobatics

1966 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics TEAM - 2010 | Gymnastics
Bailey Spencer, Debbie
Fuchs-Brause Picchio, Doris
Gleason Jachter, Kathy
Hacker Kohn, Carolyn
Kephart, Dale
Metheny Mulvihill, Linda
Schaenzer Kramer, Donna
Tanac Schroeder, Joyce
Tieber Jamieson, Avis (Coach)