Lifetime Achievement Award

The following individuals have shown that they are well established in and have accomplishments in any one of the following:

  • Coaching/Teaching; developed national/international performers or other successful coaches.
  • Writing/Authoring; has published work that has had a profound influence on an acrobatic disclipline recognized by WAS.
  • Inventing/Manufacturing; has been involved in the introduction of new equipment or apparatus that has resulted in a profound performance improvement to any of the WAS disciplines.


2022 Francis Allen - Gymnastics Coach

2021 Wendy Hilliard - Gymnastics/Coach/Philanthropist

2019 Dave Thor - Gymnastics

2018 Eddie Cole (deceased) - Trampoline

2018 Bobby Dickson - Acrobatic Entertainer

2018 Larry Gleason - Gymnastics/Acrobatics Coach

2017 Paul Ziert - Gymnastics

2017 Jeff Webb - Cheerleading

2016 Joe E. Brown (deceased) - Acrobatic Entertainer

2016 Dick Gutting (deceased) - Trampoline

2016 Bello Nock - Acrobatic Entertainer

2013 Bob Fenner (deceased) - Trampoline