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WAS Gallery of  Legends - Hall of Fame

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Nominations have closed for 2021

The nomination period for 2022 will be announced soon.

5 Things You Should Know About Nominations for the

WAS Gallery of Legends-Hall of Fame


The highlight of every World Acrobatics Society Induction Banquet certainly is watching inductees receive their well-deserved recognition.
If you have someone in mind to nominate for the big event, here’s a quick guide to help you plan ahead.


1. Important dates:

  • The WAS Congress & Induction Banquet will be held: September 9-11, 2022.
  • We would prefer the nominator to attend the event. However, the inductee is expected to attend, so make sure you’re both available and have the dates saved.
  • The official nomination forms are available below (scroll down).
  • Nominations and inductee selection for all disciplines have been completed.  
  • The final selection of all inductees will be announced soon.


2. Membership:

  • Only current 2021 members of the World Acrobatics Society can submit a nomination, so make sure you are a paid-up member. To verify your membership status, contact: Or join/renew HERE
  • The person you are nominating does not need to be a current WAS member. If they are selected and inducted, they will receive a one-year complimentary membership in WAS.

3. Criteria:

  • There are specific criteria for each award category that will serve as a guideline letting you know what a Legend or Award recipient would ideally fulfill.
  • These criteria are available HERE.
  • The only method of making a nomination is online via the WAS website.


4. Required Information & Materials:

  • The nominator has the responsibility of working with the committee head to ensure that their nominee makes a successful trek through the complete process from nomination to induction; providing adequate materials as needed for a proper presentation.
  • Step 1: The nominator completes the online nomination form.
  • Step 2: Following a review of your nomination, you will be contacted for further information. This will include: (see below)
  • Each nomination submitted will require a biography (1-2 pages) of the individual plus a profile (head & shoulders) photo.


5. Questions:

If you have any questions or need additional information either now or during the nomination process, contact the WAS Gallery of Legends - Hall of Fame (GOLHOF) Administrator/Chair at:

We look forward to celebrating the new inductees of 2022!
 The following acrobatic disciplines are recognized by the World Acrobatics Society:
Acrobatic Gymnastics
Artistic Gymnastics
Extreme Sports
Professional Acrobatics
Lifetime Achievement Award
Golden Achievement Award
Charlie Pond Service Award